When to know you need to upgrade your air conditioning system

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As summer kicks in and the days grow hotter, how assured are you that your old air-con unit can last through the summer? Notwithstanding how much you love outside activities or just being out on the beach near Cottesloe, Scarborough, Leighton or Burns Beach, your home ought to be a cool, comfy haven you can always count on. If your old unit can’t handle it, it’s going to be time to contemplate trading up and getting a replacement air-con installed.

Warning Signs of a dying AC Unit:
Air conditioners are robust systems which will handle hefty workloads each summer, however older units might begin to indicate signs of weakness and inefficiency. Common symptoms include:
• The system starts making uncommon noises like rattling or loud humming, or even banging
• The unit cycles on and off perpetually
• The unit kicks on, however the house doesn’t cool
• The system doesn’t smell right!
• Water is leaking from it thanks to a clogged/disconnected drainage
• Your energy bills have gone up significantly since last summer

If minor repairs don’t seem to be enough to resolve the matter, your AC technician might suggest a replacement unit.

Two Reasons to Upgrade an Old Unit: Effectiveness and Efficiency
It may be time to change an old unit if basic maintenance isn’t enough to take care of a comfortable temperature while the system is struggling. The good thing is that today’s models are considerably more energy efficient than ever. They’re a) capable of cooling your house quicker and at the same time b) use less electricity, especially if you also have alternative energy-efficient methods throughout your home.
If you’re having a replacement AC unit put in, your technician might use your home’s space and energy-efficiency to assist calculate the unit size you require for your home. Also, taking care of any drafts/leaks can make your new AC run at the highest efficiency. In turn, this can improve its cooling effectiveness and extend its life.
Think about investing in a new unit this summer to make sure your family isn’t stuck in hot and humid weather. Have a chat with one of the team at Air Conditioning City today.

What size air conditioner should I go for?

It is important to ensure unit you purchase is the correct size, which allows the AC unit to cycle off when the correct temperature is reached. This allows the compressor to switch on and off as required rather than running continuously, which can decrease the life of your system. It can also be frustrating waiting for ages to cool down with using an air conditioning system too small for the area you’re in.

Your air conditioning sizing requirements will vary subject to a number of factors. These factors include the the direction your house faces, the material the house is made of such as single brick, double brick, weatherboard and others. Also the size and location and size of your windows, any covering, such as roller shutters, awnings, double glazing and also home insulation affects the size requirements too.

These factors as well as the region, can change your air conditioning requirements significantly, such as Margaret River, compared to Lancelin, or Northam.

The most important finally, is the room size. A small bedroom between 5-20 sqm you can get away with a 2.5 kW, a larger bedroom, about 3.5kW, but you may need a 5–6 kW system for a living area, or up to 8kW for an open space/open plan living area.

We can help you choose the best unit that suits your situation, and we can discuss your specific requirements. Have a chat with one of the team at Air Conditioning City and our knowledgable team and help you with anything you need to know.