Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

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Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

A reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning system is the most popular form of heating and cooling an entire home to a desired temperature. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning can both heat and cool your home while filtering and removing humidity, providing exactly the required level of comfort, regardless of weather conditions. There are also a variety of comfort maximising options when it comes to ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, including individual zoning and temperature control. This allows you to customise individual rooms to suit each person’s needs.

There are a number of factors to consider when designing a ducted reverse cycle system to suit a specific home, including room sizing and ceiling height, direction the rooms face, roof insulation, the number of windows and direction they face, and also the climate conditions of the area. It is for this reason that at Air Conditioning City, we don’t offer ‘off the shelf’ packages. We will customise a system specifically to suit your home and your needs.

Advantages of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

  • Also a heating unit – making it an economical choice if you are considering purchasing an extra heating solution.
  • Simple control – one central temperature control unit
  • Whole home solution – every room has year round heating and cooling for home comfort and climate control – no hot or cold spots in the home.
  • Inconspicuous and elegant solution – No need for an intruding air conditioning unit in each room.
  • Large range – many different systems are available from small kW up to 30kW cooling capacity, which means there is a ducted solution for every size and style of home.
  • Quiet – the quietest of all AC options/li>
  • Economical – in most houses it is cheaper to install ducted air conditioning than to install wall split systems in every room.
  • Adds value – ducted AC increases the sale value of your home more than other systems for most homes.

We are also proud to be partners with Advantage Air, an Australian air-conditioning company famous for their leading air management system, MyAir, which zones every room independently for individual temperature control. Click here to read more.

The MyAir5 Smart Control System

advantage air myair5 perth ducted air conditioning perth mandurahThe MyAir5 control system is the latest innovative control system by Advantage Air. Highly regarded as the market leaders in home comfort control systems, Advantage Air have taken comfortand energy efficiency to the next level with their MyAir5 Zone control system. The MyAir5 allows for individual room control with wireless temperature sensors and precise zone control so each room can stay exactly how you like it.

MyAir Ducted Air Conditioning Controller

It also allows energy efficient motion sensors can detect when a room is no longer in use and adjust the set point to suit. This all comes with a stylish 8-inch colour touch screen that doubles as an Android home hub. When connected to the Internet, it lets you check the weather, the family calendar, email, play music, order groceries, monitor energy usage and much more. MyAir5 App also allows most smartphones or tablets to become a wireless remote control.

Click here to read more about MyAir5, or contact us today about the MyAir System, and we’ll call you back to answer everything you would like to know.

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