Split System Air Conditioning

There are so many types of air-conditioning systems, with so many terms, that it can get pretty confusing. They can be classified by method of cooling (eg. reverse-cycle, evaporative) or classified by delivery system (eg. ducted, or split systems).

Split systems are the most common type of aircon in Australian homes, and they’re titled as such because they have two parts – the indoor unit, and the outdoor unit.

To confuse you even more, split systems come in many different types. Here we will give a quick overview of the main types of split systems and their features, so you can start to figure out what you need.
Split system air conditioning is perfect for those on a smaller budget, they are an excellent, cost-effective solution to heat or cool a single room or area of a house, such as a living room, or a bedroom. Split systems provide both heating and cooling and can be installed in almost any location.

Advantages of Split System Air Conditioners

  • Easy Installation – no ductwork to install, only needs a small hole in the wall for copper tubing and control wiring
  • Quiet operation – quiet enough to install almost anywhere with minimal disturbance
  • Heating capability – reverse cycle means they can heat and cool
  • Easy to maintain – washable filters, small amounts of routine maintenance
    Cost effectiveness – economical to run
  • Simple control – easy remote controls
  • Attractive design – no big clunky window units

Wall Split Systems

  • Effective, reliable and affordable option where larger ducted systems are not necessary or possible
  • Ideal for single rooms large or small
  • Uses an outside air compressor option for quiet.
  • Simple to use remote controlled systems

4-Way Cassette Split Systems

  • Unobtrusive, ceiling mounted indoor units, with 4-way adjustable air vents
  • Keeps your walls free and clean of bulky units
  • Ideal for commercial applications where space is limited, and idea for sites with restricted space above the ceiling
  • Easy to use and maintain
4 way cassette air conditioning system perth mandurah aircon

Multi-Split Systems

  • Can have up to 16 individually controlled indoor units connected to one outdoor condenser unit, with many combinations
  • Allows precise temperature control and flexibility for individual rooms of different sizes or uses
  • Allows whole home air conditioning where ducted isn’t suitable
  • Independent unit control – can run and control each unit independently.
  • Space saving – with only 1 outdoor unit it looks neat and tidy
  • Great for large structures or multiple floors due to maximum piping length, with one outdoor unit, giving more versatility.
  • Easy to use and maintain

multi split air conditioning perth mandurah aircon


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Floor Mounted Systems

  • Slim line in design and normally remote controlled.
  • Fits into small spaces.
  • Convenient access closer to the floor.
  • Easy to use and maintain
floor mounted air conditioning perth mandurah aircon