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Split system air-conditioning is Australia’s most common form of AC in the home. They are an excellent, and cost-effective solution to heat or cool a room or area of a house and can be installed in almost any location.

If you want to find a way to lower your electricity bills, solar energy is the ultimate solution. The sun is an abundant source of energy. They dovetail perfectly with air conditioning systems, as they tend to be both working during the day, when the sun is going and the weather is hot. Watch this video for a brief introduction to solar power and how it works.

Over 1 million homes in Australia now have solar power, helping save money on bills, cut pollution and adding value to their homes. Perth residents and businesses should be careful to make the right choice, we definitely advise you to speak to an expert to help you select the right size system for your electricity usage, and the best quality system for your budget.

We’ve installed hundreds of commercial and domestic solar systems in WA from Two Rocks, to Mandurah, down to Bunbury, and we have the knowledge and expertise to look after you for the life of your system.

Getting solar is simple, but first speak with our team and they will help you understand which system is best suited for your needs, and everything else you need to know.

Our Process

1. Phone us for a chat about your requirements
2. Free consultation, home assessment and inspection
3. System design & planning finalised and quote provided
4. Installation scheduled and carried out within 2 days.
5. Full handover demonstration, and we’re only a phone call away for any questions.

Speak to our knowledgeable solar experts for obligation-free advice and quote!
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